About AidCamps International

AidCamps International works to reduce poverty in developing countries. We create and lead short-term construction projects for volunteers, and invest in long-term benefits for communities in Africa and Asia.

AidCamps volunteers help us to build or renovate schools, classrooms, health and maternity centres, and other community buildings.  

We work in partnership with local NGOs and charities to invest in and support construction projects in communities with a genuine need. 

"A deeply personal experience in memory of my sister, that will live with me forever." Sally, family AidCamps project, Ethiopia 2019

“Volunteering on the project was unforgettable. It gave me a new perspective.”
 Volunteer on our bespoke corporate project, 2018

“Making this trip has been an incredible experience for me.”
Volunteer on an AidCamps project 2018


The NGOs and charities we work with:

Cameroon – SHUMAS
Ethiopia – Together We Learn
India – SCAD
Nepal – RCDP
Sri Lanka – SERVE

Duke of Edinburgh – Gold Award


Thousands more children can now access education in new schools and classrooms.

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