Meet the Team

AidCamps projects are managed from our London office and delivered by project co-ordinators – trustees and volunteers – trained in project delivery.

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Julie Vincent – Chair of Trustees

Julie helped establish AidCamps as a charity in 2003 and has been the Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2015. She was inspired to set up AidCamps after she graduated with a BA Honours degree in French and Linguistics and spent two years volunteering.

Julie established partnerships in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Cameroon and led 20 projects for AidCamps between 2003 and 2009. Although she no longer runs projects, Julie is still very much involved in the running of AidCamps.

She works in insurance and is a mum to three young boys.

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Gillian Wright – Trustee and Project Co-ordinator

Gillian first volunteered on an AidCamps projects in 2004 in Tamil Nadu, India.

Since then, Gillian has added Nepal, Cameroon and Ethiopia to her AidCamps achievements.

Gillian became a Project Co-ordinator in 2009 and has led several projects for AidCamps. She works in energy and environmental management and, previously, in the field of corporate sustainability.

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Janet Clark – Trustee and Secretary

Janet works as a researcher and evaluator, specialising in working with marginalised groups. Her work in international development has focused on maternal and new-born health and sexual and reproductive rights. She has worked in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malawi, Lesotho, Eswatini, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea. She has an MA in social research and evaluation and an MSc in international development and has published research on volunteering. She currently works for the Ministry of Justice.

Janet volunteered for an AidCamps project in Cameroon in 2005 and has since joined projects in Malawi, Sri Lanka, Nepal, as well as re-visiting Cameroon several times.

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Julie Cotton – Trustee and Safeguarding Lead

Julie is a retired nurse with experience of working in a range of NHS settings.

She has an MSc in Health and Social Care Policy. She first became involved in AidCamps when her daughter joined an AidCamps project and she later joined her on another project in Cameroon. Julie has since been joined on a number of AidCamps projects by her husband.

Julie has also recently worked in a voluntary capacity with Spreading Health, a charity which trains local health professionals in the developing world.

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Sarah Horne – Trustee and Treasurer

Sarah graduated from Birmingham University with an Honours Degree in Money, Banking & Finance and then spent four years working for accountancy practices in the North West of England.

She has spent most of her subsequent career working as an accountant and tax adviser in retail and is now the Finance Director and Company Secretary of The Tutor Trust, a Manchester-based charity aiming to help tackle educational inequality.

Sarah has been the Treasurer for AidCamps since September 2012.

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Terri Sweeney – Trustee and Media Consultant

Terri is a media consultant and supports clients including charities, universities and the health sector with broadcast and media strategies and services.

As a former BBC campaigns producer for over 15 years, she produced national information campaigns and immersive events for Radio 1, Radio 2, Children in Need, and other flagship BBC brands on subjects including adoption, mental health, HIV/AIDS, biodiversity and history.

Terri was also a financial journalist for UK and international finance and political publications. She has a BA (Hons) in politics and an MA in journalism.

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Tony Cook – Trustee

Tony is a television director for BBC News Channels and an award-winning filmmaker. Previously, he has worked with 20 different language services within the BBC, directing and creating news programmes. As part of the BBC's efforts to improve its diversity, Tony helps to run the BBC's Inclusion Champions initiative as a lead.

From Radio 1 Live Lounge to BBC Yorkshire to BBC News Facebook Lives, Tony has worked on a wide range of content and platforms. He has also been an NHS Project Manager and worked with Amnesty International in Lincoln.

Tony became an AidCamps Trustee in 2017.

Steve Thomas 2

Steve Thomas – Head of Operations and
Project Co-ordinator

Steve is a highly experienced community investment and corporate responsibility professional who has been working with AidCamps International for over a decade, after initially joining as a volunteer on a project in India. He is responsible for all aspects of the charity’s day-to-day operations.

Steve has an Honours Degree in Applied Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration and a Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. He currently also works as a Member Pioneer Manager for the Co-op Group.

He lives with his partner and three children in Essex.

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