AidCamps partnerships include NGOs (non-governmental organisations) or charities run by local people in the countries we visit. They advise on social and cultural issues facing their communities and support us with projects in their community.

We partner with corporate organisations interested in offering volunteering opportunities to their staff and you can also join one of our group projects if you want to achieve your Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

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Become an AidCamps partner

We are always open to considering new partnerships. If you are a registered charity or an NGO interested in joining forces, then let us know.

To be considered as an AidCamps International partner organisation you must: 

  • Be a legally registered non-governmental development aid organisation in your country;
  • Have an established and ongoing relationship with a UK registered charity; 
  • Have previously received assistance and/or grants from that UK charity; 
  • Be verified by that UK charity.

If you are a corporate organisation interested in taking part in an AidCamps project, we also run bespoke projects – for example, AidCamps has managed volunteering projects for the staff at AkzoNobel, the paints and coatings company, for a number of years, as well as working with Sage and Clymac Fire & Security Systems. You can find out more on our Bespoke Projects page.

Cameroon - SHUMAS

Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) is a not-for-profit NGO and was established in 1997 to target education, sustainable development, social welfare and health. They focus on equal opportunity for all.

SHUMAS were recommended to us in 2002 and we ran our first project in 2003. Since then, we have worked extensively with SHUMAS to build schools in the remote North West Provence. SHUMAS also has a thriving organic farm which trains the children of subsistence farmers in the latest organic techniques. This is a popular placement with independent volunteers.

Ethiopia - Together We Learn

Together We Learn is a UK and Ethiopian registered charity dedicated to changing lives through education. It was formed in 2020 from the merger of two charities, Link Ethiopia and The Kindu Trust, which had worked together for many years. The majority of the team is based in Ethiopia and a few are based in London.

Link Ethiopia became our partners in 2015 after one of our former trustees met them while visiting Ethiopia. We ran our first project there in 2016 and have since returned for a number of projects. We look forward to continuing to work with the new organisation.

India - SCAD

Social Change and Development (SCAD) is an NGO established in 1985 and was AidCamps’ first partner in 2002. SCAD empowers rural villages to become economically self-sufficient – through education, health, community, agriculture, and animal husbandry (raising livestock for their products). They also provide flood disaster relief.

We have worked with SCAD on many construction projects including building a large school for the children of gypsy families and creating classrooms for children with learning difficulties and physical impairments.

Nepal - RCDP

Rural Community Development Programme (RCDP) is a not-for-profit community volunteering organisation based in Nepal. It was established in 1998. RCDP operates two orphanages in the Kathmandu and Chitwan Valley areas. It also works on conservation programmes in response to rapid deforestation.

We have worked with RCDP since 2004 to support a number of underfunded schools in poor, rural communities.

Sri Lanka - SERVE

Socio-economical, Ecological, Religious, Virtuous Empowerment (SERVE) is a not-for-profit NGO based in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Their work focuses on children and community-based social work, including pre-schools, children’s clubs, self-help groups and women. 

SERVE works with Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities and has no religious affiliation. SERVE works in urban and rural communities and in difficult areas including combating the sexual exploitation of children and helping families and children affected by the Asian Tsunami in 2004.

Our volunteers have worked with SERVE since 2005 to help build and develop resource centres in Sri Lanka, and our independent volunteers have also assisted with SERVE’s teaching and support programmes.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award

AidCamps International is a Residential Approved Activity Provider for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. If you’re aged 18 to 25 and want to achieve your Gold Award then we can help you meet the criteria for your residential project if you join an AidCamps project.

If you join one of our projects, the others in the group won’t necessarily be working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award so you’ll also gain new perspectives, meet people of all ages, and do something amazing while achieving your Gold Award. 

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