For each project we deliver, AidCamps volunteers are set a Minimum Funding Target, which is made up of a registration fee and a minimum donation. There are also some costs which volunteers pay for themselves.

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The Minimum Funding Target varies depending on the size, scope and length of a project and any sightseeing trips included in the itinerary. For example, a total fundraising target might be £1,500 which might be divided into a registration fee of £500 and a minimum donation of £1,000. 

1. Registration Fee
The non-refundable registration fee reserves your place.

This covers:
•    Food while you are at the project base
•    All accommodation
•    Ground transport within the country where your project is based
•    Scheduled itinerary costs

Although the registration fee is usually non-refundable, if you apply and the project is full, cancelled or your application is rejected we will refund the fee.

2. Minimum Donation
The minimum donation varies depending on the nature of the project and where it is. Around 60% of these funds are used directly on the project, with the rest funding research, outreach work and our administration to run the project. Our administrative work includes liaising with partner NGOs in the country, arranging accommodation, planning sightseeing and excursions, advising the volunteers on any itineraries, promoting the work of AidCamps to encourage more volunteers to deliver projects and much more. You can choose to pay the minimum donation yourself or you can fundraise it (we use JustGiving as our fundraising platform). You’ll be set a deadline for meeting the minimum donation as we transfer funds to our NGO partner in advance of the project so that they can complete any major work before volunteers arrive.

Volunteers cover the following costs directly themselves:

  • Travel (flights, etc.) to the collection point and back
  • Travel insurance, visas, vaccinations (travel health insurance, covering emergency repatriation and including an international emergency healthline, is mandatory to attend any AidCamps project)
  • Food costs (when the group is not at the project base)
  • All bottled drinks
  • Pocket money and any extra sightseeing costs

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