Why We Work Where We Do

AidCamps volunteers work with us on projects in developing countries to reduce poverty and improve communities. We deliver projects in Africa and Asia where we know there is the greatest need, and work with partners to ensure our efforts are targeted to where we can make a real impact and leave a lasting legacy.

AidCamps works with partners who we have met and created partnerships with since we launched in 2002. They help us make sure we have local knowledge, that we work with local tradespeople who will benefit from our projects, and that the projects we deliver are where they are needed and wanted the most.

All our partners must be registered NGOs or charities in their own country, have experience of facilitating volunteer placements, and be able to provide references from a UK charity who have given them grants or have a sister charity in the UK.

Our choice of AidCamps project is also dependent on whether it’s safe to travel to the country, based on advice from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). It also needs to be logistically easy to get to in terms of flights and be considered a country in need of support.

Take a look at our country profiles to find out more about the countries we work in and projects we have completed there.

See photos from some of the projects we have delivered so far in these countries in our Galleries.

"Interacting with the children, learning from them, as well as teaching them was very special."

Sarah, AidCamps volunteer, Lunawa Resource Centre, Sri Lanka 2018

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