Ratnanagar, Nepal - February 2020

This was a two-week private project in the Chitwan area of Nepal for volunteers from AkzoNobel. There were 13 volunteers in the group, all from the same company but from different locations across the UK. The project involved building a two-storey building around two existing rooms, giving a total of six new classrooms. The building work had been virtually completed using funds raised by the group when they arrived in Nepal, and they were mostly involved in painting the building to get it ready for opening. The volunteers were also able to visit projects which AidCamps and AkzoNobel had previously supported.

Shree Kaparphori 10
Shree Kaparphori 12
Shree Kaparphori 17

The following quotes are taken from reports the volunteers wrote on their return from the project.

“For me it was always going to be about the children. It’s incomprehensible that children don’t always have access to educational facilities. Kathmandu, the temples, the jungle walks, the wildlife were incredible however, for me it was about meeting new people, working with a fantastic team to deliver a project for the children. This was cemented when we arrived at the school on day one to an overwhelming reception from the staff and children that still leaves a lump in my throat. Other colleagues will have their reasons but for me I knew at that point we had to come together and deliver this project…for them!!”

“The days spent decorating the school were hard work but rewarding. The build was at a school for some of the poorest and most marginalised children in the area, and during break times the children would spend time with us…which was lovely. My overriding memory of my time in Nepal will always be the people, especially the children. How welcoming they were and how they made me feel.”

“The work ethic and determination amongst each individual was amazing, we all had the same vision to complete the project and to make a difference in so many people’s lives. It’s certainly changed my outlook in life. “Team work makes the dream work”. From start to finish I enjoyed every aspect of this project, from fundraising, meeting new people, different culture, even the food in Nepal was great.”

“We saw first hand in Nepal that simple things like balloons and bubbles brought so much enjoyment to children who really don’t have much in the way of material possessions. They are not demanding the newest trainers or X-box game but take pleasure in the important things like playing with friends, being outside, going to school.  Children do not take education for granted but want to go to school and get an education.  So often this is not easily accessible to them and conditions are often poor, which is why delivering projects like ours is so important.”

“One special moment for me was having the opportunity to teach a class of Nepalese children for 40 minutes. This was such a rewarding experience, engaging with the children, and seeing their happiness radiate through their faces.”

“The defining moment for me was visiting the 2018 Project, Shree Seeta Ram Sanskrit Secondary School. We had the most wonderful welcome, a hundred beaming faces all stood watching us, shortly followed by various dances and singing! After speaking with a few of the students, one of them explained she currently lived in the 2018 project building due to her orphanage being damaged in the earthquakes. 32 girls living in one room with steel shutters and a concrete floor. I couldn’t comprehend how people could live in such conditions, let alone thrive and be as happy and as outgoing as they were. I got pretty choked up at this point as I was reminded that without the 2018 project they’d have had nowhere to go and to think of it as a positive that they had a roof and shelter.” 


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