1. Acceptance of the Nature of an AidCamp
You acknowledge and accept that:
a. The primary purpose of an AidCamp is to provide development aid to a local community in the host country and that AidCamps are not traditional package holidays where timetables, itineraries and arrangements can be clearly defined at all times, and that changes to these are inevitable.
b. Conditions will be basic and of a similar standard to those experienced daily by the local community, and unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and unhygienic surroundings are common in our project countries.
c. Participation in an AidCamp involves an element of personal risk and potential hazard and, whilst we aim to safeguard volunteers’ health and safety, we cannot be responsible for damage, illness, or injury sustained during or resulting from participation on an AidCamp.
d. There are no professional medical facilities on an AidCamp and medical care may be several hours travel from the project location.

2. Force Majeure
You acknowledge and accept that:
a. We are not responsible for any loss, cancellation, curtailment, damage or injury arising as a consequence of Acts of God, fire, natural disasters, weather conditions, computer or systems failure, acts of war (declared or otherwise), terrorism, civil unrest, military or usurped power, confiscation by or under the order of any government or public local authority, or for any other reasons beyond our control.
b. We are not liable for refunds for loss or costs incurred following actions such as cancelling or prematurely ending an AidCamp as a result of advice from governmental or official bodies.
c. Should we have to cancel or curtail an AidCamp for reasons beyond our control we may not be able to refund some or all of your donations, as the funds to finance the development aid project and the associated costs of the AidCamp may already have been expended.

3. Payments, Refunds, and Costs
You acknowledge and accept that:
a. Your registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and will only be returned if the AidCamp is full, cancelled due to reasons under our control, or your application is rejected.  It will not be refunded if you cancel or fail to pay the balance by the due date.
b. The minimum donation must arrive four months in advance of the commencement of the camp, or immediately for applications after this date.  British Gift Aid amounts received on personal donations are not eligible towards the minimum donation.
c. Donations towards the project will be non-refundable unless a replacement volunteer can be found.  In any case only personal donations up to the minimum donation amount are refundable.  British tax-efficient at source donations, e.g. by “charity cheque” or CAF CharityCard, are non-refundable under any circumstances.
d. The registration fee includes all accommodation during the AidCamp, food while at the AidCamp base, all ground transportation between the collection point and the project and back and during organised excursions, and various entrance and guide fees during excursions. All other additional costs, as detailed but not limited to those described on our web site and/or in our information pack, are your responsibility.

4. Insurance and Documents
You acknowledge and accept that:
a. We do not provide insurance cover for you or your possessions. We are not liable for the loss, wear and tear, or damage to any personal items.  You acknowledge the importance of securing appropriate and comprehensive travel insurance for your trip.
b. You are required to have suitable travel health insurance to participate in any AidCamp.  The insurance should cover emergency repatriation costs and include an international emergency help line.
c. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary tickets, documents, visas, vaccinations, certificates, et cetera to enter and stay in the host country.
d. Any information given by us about flights, visas, healthcare, vaccinations, climate, clothing, equipment, conditions, and other matters is given in good faith but without responsibility on our part.

5. Participation and Behaviour
You acknowledge and accept that:
a. You will be expected to perform tasks and duties both for the implementation of the development aid project and to facilitate the day to day running of the AidCamp on an equal basis with other volunteers and under the direction of AidCamps International and local staff.
b. You will be expected to behave in a manner consistent with the laws and customs of the host country.  If you commit any illegal acts, offend local sensibilities, put at risk the welfare or safety of yourself or others, or act in a manner detrimental to the AidCamp, AidCamps International, or our local hosts, you will be required to leave the AidCamp promptly without recourse or refund and at your own expense.
c. In the event of you choosing to leave the project at any time, or if the staff have instructed you to leave, we are released of any responsibility for your welfare immediately.

6. Use of AidCamps Name and Brand
You hereby acknowledge and accept that:
a. The name “AidCamps International”, “AidCamps”, “AidCamp” and any other names, logos and trademarks used in connection with AidCamps International and/or the AidCamp programme (the “AidCamps Marks”), are the intellectual property of AidCamps International.
b. The AidCamps Marks are valuable to AidCamps International and any unauthorised use of the AidCamps Marks without the express prior written consent of AidCamps International could potentially damage the business and reputation of AidCamps International.

You hereby agree and undertake that:
a. You will not, without the express prior written consent of AidCamps International, make any use of the AidCamps Marks, or allow any third party to use the AidCamps Marks.
b. You will not use or apply to register, or authorise the use of or application for registration of, any names, logos or other trademarks, that are in any way identical or confusingly similar to the AidCamps Marks.
c. You will not do anything that would contribute to the AidCamps Marks becoming generic or invalid, or which would be likely to mislead the public or which may result in the AidCamps Marks losing their distinctiveness.
d. You will not do anything which would be likely to diminish the value, reputation or goodwill of any AidCamp programme, AidCamps International or the AidCamps Marks or bring any AidCamp programme, AidCamps International or the AidCamps Marks into disrepute.
e. You will not, prior to, during, or after any AidCamp project, whether expressly or by implication, hold yourself out, or hold out any other individual or organisation (other than AidCamps International, its partner organisations and sister charities), as having organised, sourced or procured the AidCamp in which you take part.

7. Confirmation and Declaration
In submitting an online application you confirm and declare that:
a. You are in good health and do not know or suspect of any reasons that would make it unwise for you to join an AidCamp, and agree to our contacting your doctor or medical advisor if we deem necessary
b. You will inform us in writing of all medical complaints, hereditary problems, previous trauma or dietary requirements in advance whether or not you believe they will affect your participation on an AidCamp, and you will inform us in writing of all changes in your health arising in the months prior to the AidCamp.
c. You are over 18 years old and have no financial or legal restrictions on leaving or entering any country.
d. You have no criminal record and agree to us verifying this fact with the relevant authorities.
e. You have read all of the information available on our website and/or in our information pack and understand and accept the costs, terms and conditions described.
f. You accept that UK law governs your contract with AidCamps International.

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