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Country Background

The Central and West African country of Cameroon was established in 1961, from the former French and British colonies. Its capital is Yaoundé.

Life expectancy is 56 years for men and 59 for women. It’s known as ‘Africa in miniature’ as it’s so diverse, with over 200 different languages spoken.

AidCamps has worked here since 2003, in partnership with the NGO, SHUMAS. You can find out more about SHUMAS on Our Partners page.

Our Projects in Cameroon

Our group projects in Cameroon have provided improvements to a number of health centres and schools, and we have also facilitated placements for independent volunteers to work with SHUMAS.

Our most recent projects in autumn 2017 were at health centres in the villages of Noi and Buh where we built new toilet and shower blocks, as well as helping with improvements to the maternity unit and kitchen facilities at Noi. Earlier projects in Cameroon have provided new classrooms and refurbished existing ones in several primary and secondary schools.

Completed project

Noi Health Centre, Cameroon

November/December 2017

Building renovations and improved water supply

Volunteers improved the maternity area and water supply at the Noi Community Health Centre, provided a new toilet and washing facilities and built a better kitchen. The kitchen improvements were vital as families cook and prepare food for their relatives while they are being treated at the Centre. The Centre serves a population of around 3,500 people, from nine small villages.

"We organised a sports session and relay games for the children, which they loved. The sack race proved the most popular. "

Jennie, AidCamps volunteer in Ethiopia 2018

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Jennie, Volunteer in Ethiopia, 2018

Ethiopia is a beautiful country, most of it high on a plateau. We spent the middle weekend in the Simien Mountains which really helped us appreciate the rugged terrain.

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George, AidCamps Volunteer, Nepal 2016

We stepped out into the sunny Nepal afternoon and so began the most amazing emotional journey I had ever been on. 3 weeks that would change my perspective on life!

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Margaret, North West Cameroon, 2014

You need to be reasonably fit and if you like to meet people on your travels (and do something that is so worthwhile) then give it a go! If I can do it, then so can most others. You won't regret it.

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