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Country Background

The population of India topped 1 billion at the turn of the century and is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation by 2028. Life expectancy is 67 years for men and 70 for women.

The modern history of India has included many conflicts, with the British to gain independence, and then after Partition, where India was split into the two nations Pakistan and India.

Poverty is a significant issue in India despite its fast-growing economy. Nearly one in 4 people – or 270 million people – live below the poverty line. 

AidCamps has led projects in India since 2002 when it helped build a large school for children with disabilities who in some cases had been shunned by their families. The local NGO, SCAD (Social Change and Development), was our first partner. You can find out more about SCAD on Our Partners page.

Our Projects in India

Our most recent project in India was an AidCamp with a difference, with volunteers having the opportunity to assist in the creation and development of a much-needed agricultural distribution centre to support farmers and villagers in a rural area near to the SCAD campus. The centre enables farmers to access affordable equipment and materials to help them to improve their livelihoods and those of the communities they support.

Prior to this we have worked with SCAD on a new building for a residential school at Vagaikulam, a small village in the saltpan region of southern Tamil Nadu, which provides specialised education and health care facilities for children affected by physical and intellectual disabilities.

Completed project

Agricultural Distribution Centre, India

February 2017

Building construction and equipment

Volunteers constructed an agricultural distribution centre to support struggling farmers from up to a dozen villages in the area need Cheranmahadevi. They raised enough funds to construct the building and equip it ready to start offering support and advice, as well as access to affordable seeds and effective micro-organisms to enhance the soil, protect the crops, and improve yield.

"We organised a sports session and relay games for the children, which they loved. The sack race proved the most popular. "

Jennie, AidCamps volunteer in Ethiopia 2018

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Jennie, Volunteer in Ethiopia, 2018

Ethiopia is a beautiful country, most of it high on a plateau. We spent the middle weekend in the Simien Mountains which really helped us appreciate the rugged terrain.

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George, AidCamps Volunteer, Nepal 2016

We stepped out into the sunny Nepal afternoon and so began the most amazing emotional journey I had ever been on. 3 weeks that would change my perspective on life!

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Margaret, North West Cameroon, 2014

You need to be reasonably fit and if you like to meet people on your travels (and do something that is so worthwhile) then give it a go! If I can do it, then so can most others. You won't regret it.

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